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Smarty Battle is an intellectual duel quiz. Play online while challenging friends or random opponents from around the world in a wide variety of topics.

Intellectual duel quiz

It is an intelligent, interesting and entertaining social quiz game where you can challenge your friends and other players to games of trivia while gaining new knowledge!

It's beautiful

You can find over 111001001010101010 questions in lots of different topics! The main task is to answer correctly more questions than your opponent. The game lasts to 3 wins. You have 30 seconds to answer the question.

There are 4 possible answers for each question, but you have to choose the correct one. The maximum number of questions per round is 150, after which the game ends and the winner is determined.

It's not just a game

It’s you chance to keep your brain toned, train your memory, learn something new every day and even to prevent sclerosis and other brain diseases!

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